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The Havana Reporter

El THR 8 recuerda el aniversario de la Victoria de Playa Girón, publica una entrevista sobre la sustainable solutions to drought en Cuba, la celebración en la Habana de la reunión internacional Cubagua 2017, la victoria de Lenin Moreno en las elecciones en Ecuador y la exitosa vida artística del dúo cubano Buena Fe.

Temas vinculados a la celebración en La Habana de varias reuniones de los países del Caribe, el éxito del Festival del Habano, el avance del turismo en la ciudad de Maisí, en el extremo oriental cubano y la mayor producción de derivados de la caña de azúcar destacan en el THR 7, correspondiente a la primera quincena de abril.

The 6th edition of The Havana Reporter highlights the recent visit made to Cuba by a group of U.S. congress people, the promotion of foreign investments in the clean energy sector, the celebrations in Havana of several meetings of the Association of Caribbean States and CARICOM, the launch of a new disc by Haydeé and Pablo Milanés, the triathlon competition held in the Cuban capital and the preparations in Ecuador for the runoffs.

The 5th edition of The Havana Reporter, issued in the first two weeks in March, highlights the first visit made to Cuba by an Irish president, the signing of cooperation agreements with Iran, the first works of a sculpture intended to immortalize Alicia Alonso and the return of hurdler Dayron Robles to the athletic tracks, among other topics of interest.

In the second issue of February, The Havana Reporter (THR) includes information on the recent visit to the Unites States of a Cuban business delegation; the promotion of investment in the Cuban oil sector; the holding in Havana of the Pedagogía 2017 Congress, and the successful performance of the Cuban Contemporary Dance Company in Great Britain, among other topics of interest.

The Havana Reporter´s third edition, issued the first half of February, publishes the new agreements reached with China to develop renewable sources of energy in Cuba, the U.S. lifting of the ¨dry foot, wet foot¨ policy and the meetings held with representatives from different U.S. spheres to bring bilateral relations forward. Updated tourism statistics and the upcoming celebration of the International Book Fair of Havana are highlighted as well, among other topics of interest.

Issued during the first two weeks in January, THR 2 features the course of the Cuban economy and the multitudinous parade at the Revolution Square, as well as a report on the centenarian city of Sancti Spiritus, the homage that rumba performers paid to Alicia Alonso and the development of transgenic products in Cuba, among other news of interest.

In the first issue of 2017, The Havana Reporter offers its readers several topics, including a summary on the relations between the United States and Cuba; the signing in Brussels of an Agreement for Political Dialogue and Cooperation with the European Union; a summary of the Macri government’s first year in Argentina, and the development projects of the Santiago de Cuba port. The section of Culture highlights preparations on the shooting of a film on famous Cuban dancer Carlos Acosta’s life, and the success reached by singer Luna Manzanares.

The last edition of THR in 2016, issue No. 24, pays a posthumous tribute to the Historic Leader of the Cuban Revolution. It also includes information on the recovery of the Cuban easternmost provinces after the damages caused by Hurricane Matthew. Other aspects of the Cuban economy, such as the renegotiation of the Paris Club debt; the increase of investments in the tourism sector, and the increasing role of the private sector, are also dealt with. On the international field, information is given on the Climate Change Summit held in Marrakech, and the UN difficulties to face the humanitarian aid in view of the lack of resources given to that end.

The Havana Reporter´s 23rd edition features the signing of new peace agreements in Colombia, the 40th anniversary of the creation of the People´s Power organs, the progress recorded at the Mariel Special Development Zone, the variety of Cuba´s exportable products and the details of Havana´s International Ballet Festival.

International opposition to the U.S. blockade against Cuba; the 40th anniversary of the People’s Power organization; the increase of French investment in Cuba, and the holding in the Island, for the second time, of the popular Titan Tropic cycling event, are included among the articles published in this 22nd edition of The Havana Reporter.